The best of the Andes

Only the best ingredients for your favourite dishes

“Your condiment”

A touch of flavour indispensable for your meals.


The Flavors of Colombia and Venezuela close to you

Looking for fruit pulp or arepas? This and much more as arepa flour, bananas, panela, corn, banana leaf or yuka

African flavours

Authentic, premium quality ingredients for all types of foods such as rice, fish, malts, oils and more.

Natural fruit ice cream

The flavors you are missing here and now: Coconut ice cream, passion fruit, blackberry, guanába, three flavors, mango, lucuma and more.

Find out how our brands and products can improve your business.

We distribute the most important brands for Argentinean, Bolivian, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Guatemalan, Honduran, Mexican, Nicaraguan, Paraguayan, Peruvian, Salvadoran, Uruguayan and Venezuelan consumers. In addition, we also distribute for our African friends from Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal and Guinea. We offer products from leading brands such as Real, Nestlé, El Plebeyo, El Dorado, As de Oro, La Latina Gourmet, Dilosa, Green Ice creams, Universal, Fruttimania, CBSé, La Chula, La Super, Indega, Quaker, Colon and Sara, which allow you to expand your business. In African products we have a very competitive offer: two cuts rice, Thai Hom Mali Rice, Jazmin Rice & Easy Cook Rice, frozen fish like tilapia or mackerel and products from leading brands such as Blue Bay, MP, Praise, Maltex, Peak and others.

El Plebeyo product

The best of the Andes

Dilosa Product

From Central America to You

El Dorado product

A Treasure of my Land

Nestlé Product

Amor Cookies

Real product

Excelencia en Sardinas

Fruttimania Product

The best frozen fruit

La Latina product

Tu Sazón

La Chula Product

Life is Chula

Sibarita product

Tradición Culinaria

Yapa Refrescos

Delicacies To Share

Helados Green

Fruit made into ice cream

Yapa Refrescos

Horeca at your fingertips

Happy Elephant

Whole Jasmine Rice

Riz de la Vallée Arroz

Jasmine Rice 1 cut and 2 cuts

Arroz Zaiqa

Basmati Rice

Flying Eagle

Flying Easy Cook Rice

Babou Product


Pescados Tilapia, Caballa

Tilapia and Mackerels

Featured and New Products essential for your business

In this area we will keep you updated on our latest products such as: Frozen Corn, Mote Corn El Plebeyo, Sardines Real, Fruit Pulps Fruttimania or El Dorado, Red Silk Beans Dilosa, As de Oro or La Chula, Amor Cookies, Universal Gelatins, Supercoco and Barrilete, Fried Bananas or El Dorado Salricas Cookies, Flour for Arepas or El Dorado Arepas, Green Ice Creams, Banana Leaf, among others for your Latino customers. Find also our best selection of rice, tilapia and frozen mackerel, oils, pounded yam and malts for your African customers. Your business will be more attractive with satisfied customers who repeat purchases. Subscribe and receive updates on news and promotions.

Arroz Jazmín Happy Elephant

Whole Jasmine Rice

Arroz Riz de la Vallée

Jasmine Rice 1 cut and 2 cuts

Arroz Basmati Zaiqa

Basmati Rice 1121 Golden Sella

Arroz Basmati Zaiqa

Babou Peanut Paste

Frozen Tilapia

Frozen Tilapia

Arroz Jazmín Happy Elephant

Don Frubbo Sweet Corn

Arroz Riz de la Vallée

Don Frubbo Pineapple Slices in Juice

Arroz Basmati Zaiqa

Don Frubbo Peach Syrup

Arroz Basmati Zaiqa

Don Frubbo Heart of Palm Whole

Frozen Tilapia

Don Frubbo Sardine 3/5 Sunflower Oil


Latinoandina and Marindus Distributor, emerged from two responsible and committed leading companies of the latin market. Our innovating philosophy encourages us to work together for the good of our clients and customers. We import and distribute ethnic food products from all over the world. Our offices located in Madrid together with our consolidated commercial network help us to expand throughout Spain and Europe. We have a wide variety of dry and frozen products from different origins such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, China, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Asia and Africa.


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